Monin Syrup - 70cl Chocolate

Monin Syrup - 70cl Chocolate

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Product Overview:

In the exquisite and creative world of MONIN, quality, innovation, versatility and service are our priories. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best flavours to use in the most popular and versatile applications. Our strength lies in anticipating the needs of consumers, wherever they are.

Only the best, natural ingredients (fruits, flowers, spices & nuts....) are selected from all over the world to guarantee the pure, consistent taste in all our products all year long. MONIN syrups are made exclusively from pure sugar which ensures optimal restitution of the flavour and respect for all other ingredients.

The origins of chocolate stretch back at least four thousand years. The ancient populations of Central America used cocoa beans (Theobroma means food of the gods) to make a hot, frothy and bitter drink called chocolate. This concoction was sacred and was associated with fertility and wisdom. After Christopher Columbus introduced chocolate to Europe, the drink was to become a best seller. In subsequent centuries, it was discovered that cocoa could be mixed with milk and cocoa butter to make what we now know as “chocolate” since 1876. MONIN Chocolate is used as the main flavour and also combined with other MONIN flavours. Used in specialty coffee beverages, desserts, and culinary.

Colour: Clear brown colour with gold glints. Taste: Cacao beans smell, cacao liqueur taste. Applications: Coffees, dessert drinks, milkshakes, flavoured milks, mochas.
Please note: Not compatible with steamed milk or coffee.


Colouring agent: caramel E150a
Contains cocoa extract.

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