Monin Syrup - Amaretto (25cl)

Monin Syrup - Amaretto (25cl)

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Product Overview:

In the exquisite and creative world of MONIN, quality, innovation, versatility and service are our priories. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best flavours to use in the most popular and versatile applications. Our strength lies in anticipating the needs of consumers, wherever they are.

Only the best, natural ingredients (fruits, flowers, spices & nuts....) are selected from all over the world to guarantee the pure, consistent taste in all our products all year long. MONIN syrups are made exclusively from pure sugar which ensures optimal restitution of the flavour and respect for all other ingredients.

Amaretto is the Italian for “a little bitter”, indicating the distinctive flavour lent by the mandorla amara-the bitter almond. The similar consonance of amare and amore “love” is responsible for the associations with romance. “Amaretto” has been known as a flavoured liqueur, which may or may not contain almonds. The liqueur is primarily made from apricot pits, and may contain other spices and flavourings. MONIN Amaretto is a great alternative to the similar tasting liqueur, offering exceptional versatility.

Colour: Natural linen colour .
Taste: Strong almond smell and taste, fruity after-taste.
Applications: Coffees, dessert drinks, after dinner drinks.


Flavouring (including apricot extract)
Contains pistachio extracts

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